Day TWENTY-EIGHT: Stealth Animal Ingredients

So. Anyone transitioning with Sarah’s program should be on at least day three of total vegan eating. Whoop! Today is the day to double-check everything in your refrigerator and cabinets to make sure that everything is TOTALLY vegan. We are hunting for stealth animal ingredients. Toss anything with these ingredients, and be vigilant for them while shopping.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are several animal-based ingredients, many of which have sources listed. Gross, guys.


Albumen: eggs, milk, and blood

Bone Char: bones

Carmine: crushed beetles

Casein: milk

Cochineal: crushed beetles

Crimson Lake: crushed beetles


E120: crushed beetles

Fatty Acids

Gelatin: skin, bones


Lactose: milk


Lard: fat



Methionine: eggs, milk

Natural Flavoring

Natural Sources

Natural Red 4: crushed beetles




Pepsin: stomachs

Rennet: stomachs




Stearic Acid

Stearic Alcohol


Suet: fat

Urea: urine

Whey: milk

Some are pretty obvious. We all know that BONE CHAR doesn’t come from plants. Some are just gross. Are we really putting URINE in some of our processed foods? Or crushed beetles? And for any Christian or Jewish readers, Albumen should be a special concern, considering that we are forbidden from consuming BLOOD. Today is definitely the day to start checking for these yucks on all ingredient labels. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn as you go, increasing your awareness everyday.

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