Day THIRTY: Say It

The last day!      Completion!      Achievement!

Fulfillment!      Attainment!      Fruition!

You’re done. Or you’re just beginning. Today is the last day of the challenge and the first day of the rest of your life, whether that life is back to the SAD, mostly-vegetarian, mostly-vegan, or vegan. I have enjoyed myself, and I don’t really miss anything except nice runny eggs on toast. I have decided to continue on with the vegan/mostly-vegan lifestyle, being patient with myself as I learn. Someday I may even forget the eggs, or perhaps a great replacement will present itself. One can only hope.

Sarah’s assignment for today is to simply practice saying, “I’m vegan.” You can say it now because it’s true and has been true for a few days. Congratulations on your sense of adventure, your self-control, your confidence, and your wit. Changing in ways that go against convenience and culture is so difficult, but we did it.

Hopefully I will be posting new recipes, new favorite restaurants, and about my garden for years to come. Thank you for your audience.